December 17, 2020

New release: PhenixID Identity Provisioning 5.2.0

PhenixID are proud to announce a new release of PhenixID Identity Provisioning (PIP) 5.2.0.

The new release improves the stability, compatibility and security of your solution, and is recommended for all installations.


New REST Web Service data source

From this version, PIP now has a new web service data source using REST. This is the web service data source that we now recommend. Using this web service data source you get a lot of new features, for example:

  • Multiple endpoints. You can create multiple REST WS data sources with different endpoints.
  • Fire and forget. If you have a policy that takes a long time to finish, you can set up the web service to send the reply back to the client before starting to run the policy.
  • Authentication. It is now up to you to choose your desired authentication for each web service endpoint.

Read more about the new REST Web Service in PSD1163.

Several PhenixID actions has been updated

Read more information in release notes, link below.

External actions packages 

  • Google actions: Directory API, Calendar, Mail signature
  • Visma: HRM, Personec
  • ServiceNow: Task

Read full release notes here


New PhenixID Masterclass: PIM integration with PIP

Secure your seat att the next available training date here:

Training Schedule
– Overview of integrating PIM with PIP
– Setup & configuration using PIM REST Web Service Edition
– Configuration of PIP REST Web Service
– Create, Change, Move, Rename and Deactivate objects
– Overview of IGA using PIM and PIP
– Certification of users by manager
– Resource owner
– Create Request for New, Changed and Deactivate User
– Logging of events
– Secure communication and authentication
– Debugging