Authentication Services

Greater security and efficiency

Multi-factor authentication

Choose between several authentication methods and provide easy access when users login on-premise or to the cloud. Self enrolment portal for rapid activation.

Single Sign-On

PAS supports protocols, such as SAML 2.0, OAuth, OpenID Connect and ADFS 2019, to integrate different types of application to support SSO. Solution also includes different ID-mapping scenarios.


With PAS, the onboarding process will be both secure and easy using self-service portal or delegated administration with securely verified identities.

Verify User

Verify User adds an extra security layer so that service desk personnel can have a higher trust that they are talking to a legitimate dialed in user.

Integrate your world

By integrating both your existing services and applications together with your existing authentication methods, PAS will act as the central hub for secure identity verification throughout your organisation.

Infrastructure as code (IaC)

Manage PAS in your IT infrastructure using configuration files and quickly spin up new instances with the exact same configuration. With the IaC support, you can easily move PAS installations between test and production environment.

Authentication Services

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Challenges that we solve

Many organisations are facing a rapidly growing number of applications and user stores

where identities are managed in each application. Integrating strong authentication has

been carried out individually for each application which is a complex and expensive task.

Remembering account information for large numbers of applications as well as

inconsistent ways to authenticate is a challenge to end-users.


PhenixID Authentication Services (PAS) provides end-users and organisations a single point

of authentication and an application portal for safe and easy access to their applications.

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