PhenixID Identity Application Layer

Strong Authentication enablement of applications

PhenixID Identity Layer acts as an authentication connector to add flexibility and scalability to your application. By utilizing the identity layer, account provisioning and management will be streamlined and standardized to handle modern federation protocols.


Device & application agnostic

Independent of customer device and form factor. Integration functionality exist for all platforms where the application is presented (mobile, tablet, web)

Normalization of user information

PhenixID Identity Layer will normalize user information according to application requirements, following format and syntax that the application requires.

Single point of integration

Application developers only needs to develope towards one integration point while the PhenixID Identity Application Layer can integrate with multiple Identity Providers.

Authentication service detached

Target application developer can focus on core functionality. PhenixID Identity Layer will support current and future standards for federation and authentication methods.


PhenixID assists with integration for both internal and external endpoints and handles all current and future standards for authentication and federation.

Our team has an extensive track record from creating secure innovative products and solutions in the field of authentication and identity acts as an advisory for Identity & Access Management.



One Touch

One Touch combines ease of use with high security. The end user journey as you can see to your right is push notification, press confirm, add your finger and you are logged in with high security.